“She’s like a really, really smart best friend”

I can’t say enough about how much Iris’ help has meant to me and my family. First of all, talking with her is EASY. It’s like talking to a sister or a really, really smart best friend. :-) I love our calls each month, but love it even more when I see the amazing changes in my kids that result from Iris’ action plans. Iris is able to blend research and reality in just the right way that makes sense for our situation.

Hazel Early, Atlanta

“Thank you, Iris, for empowering me!”

It was evident that Iris knew her stuff when I mentioned that my son was struggling with 9th grade history.  She immediately responded, “Critical Thinking skills, right?”.   She took the time to explain the buzzword “Critical Thinking Skills” and then proceeded to describe the expectations that the teacher likely had with regard to homework and test answers.   She also left me with a great tip on note taking, involving leaving some room in the margins for purposes of later review with comments/ opinions/ contrasts.  When my son told his teacher about the idea, he said it was “brilliant” and shared it with the rest of the class.   Thank you, Iris, for empowering me to help my child be successful!

Melinda Hallal, Coronado

“They are doing better than ever”

I have 3 “creative” kids. I have a good relationship with my kids but it’s hard for me to be objective. Iris showed me that creativity is another type of intelligence beyond math and science and how to give them appropriate outlets for their passion. It worked! They are doing better than ever in school and at home.

Leonor Beltran, San Diego

“I got the direction I needed”

Having 2 others now through high school and now into college, I thought I could handle it all. I knew my daughter could do more in school. She just was not motivated. I implemented a plan with Iris and — what a difference! My daughter is now engaged and interested in learning.

Tony Bruno, Point Loma

“You won’t be disappointed”

I highly recommend Iris for anyone interested in maximizing their child’s educational development. Her proven approach is tailored to the unique needs and motivations of each individual child and will help unlock your child’s full potential. If instilling a lifelong passion for learning and achieving academic excellence are important to you, you won’t be disappointed.

Brandon Groom, San Diego
Father of two pre-teen daughters

“I’m a better mom. She’s a better student”

A HUGE thank you to Iris for helping me with my kindergartner. She wouldn’t go to school. She fought me about it everyday. I couldn’t leave her. The very first day I applied what Iris told me, it was better. Just knowing why my daughter is behaving the way she is — what’s behind it — is SO helpful. I recognize the issue now and know what to do. I’m a better mom. She’s a better student.

Sofia Atanassova, Carmel Mountain Ranch