Hang Out With Smart Peers

Although this article speaks to college success, the same principal can be applied to K-12. Hang out with students and peers who are academic successes. Motivated, interested in learning.

 “A study in Southern India shows that high-performing roommates may have greater influence than friends or study partners. Success in college may take years of preparation, dedication, and hard work — but it also helps to have brainy roommates, a Stanford study suggests.”

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What is Your Family’s Grit Factor?

What’s the best predictor of success in a person’s life, including when it comes to goals in education? “Grit,” says psychologist Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth.

What is grit? Find out in her TED Talk, in which Duckworth explains that grit is a better indicator of personal  success than IQ, family income and other factors. Take the grit test yourself.

See her TED Talk about Grit.