Need Sleep

We Need More Sleep

The last two weeks in our home have been hectic. We escorted our eldest daughter, Olivia, to her freshman year in college in Massachusetts and then returned to our Southern California home. You can imagine how the bittersweet emotions of joy, pride, and good-byes melded with fatigue and the need to … Read More

Hang Out with Smart People

Hang Out With Smart Peers

Although this article speaks to college success, the same principal can be applied to K-12. Hang out with students and peers who are academic successes. Motivated, interested in learning.  "A study in Southern India shows that high-performing roommates may have greater influence than … Read More

Eric Jaffe

Self-Imposed Deadlines-Do They Work?

"Some early research found that imposing a deadline might at least be better than waiting until the last minute. In a 2002 study, researchers Dan Ariely and Klaus Wertenbroch hired 60 students to proofread three passages. Some of these test participants received a weekly deadline for each passage, … Read More


The Inverse Power of Praise

"When parents praise their children’s intelligence, they believe they are providing the solution to this problem. According to a survey conducted by Columbia University, 85 percent of American parents think it’s important to tell their kids that they’re smart. In and around the New York area, … Read More


Age of Distraction

"Digital classroom tools like computers, tablets and smartphones offer exciting opportunities to deepen learning through creativity, collaboration and connection, but those very devices can also be distracting to students. Similarly, parents complain that when students are required to complete … Read More

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Maximum Transformation Program

The ultimate parenting program that gives you the keys on raising your K-12 student to achieve maximum academic success. The program includes: 1. Three audio CDs. 2. Three bonus audio links online. 3. A manual with the complete transcript of Iris' presentations with space to write notes and ideas. 4. A workbook to create action plans and track progress. 5. Three months membership to the Maximum Student Club

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